The Living Link

The Living Link is a non-profit organisation that supports the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into society and facilitates their transition from school to work to independent living.

Every year they have a graduation gala, where every student gives a speech (in
front of a room filled with 200 people) and receives their certificate. And without fail, the speeches and the spirit of these students blow my mind each and every time. I wouldn’t make it through half my speech. I am humbled, and thankful to be but a small part in their journeys. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a braver group of people. If you want to support their cause (and you do), visit their website below:

Living Link Website

Or if you were there and looking for the 2019 photos, go here:

Living Link Gala 2019 Images

Maria Kloppers Children's Home

On a hill in Observatory, Johannesburg the beautiful Maria Kloppers campus with 4 residential houses and a baby unit that overlooks the valley below. This campus can accommodate approximately 50 children including 20 babies and toddlers that need a place of safety.

These are some of the nicest and friendliest kids, always ready to have a chat, and extremely compassionate. I remember with one of the shoots I did there, one of the caretakers were pulling my leg saying how photography is so easy because you just push a button. And almost immediately this adorable brown haired girl (probably 7 years old) came up to me, locked her big brown eyes with mine and said “I’m sure it’s not that easy, look at all those buttons.” Smart to boot!

Marie Kloppers Website

Miracle Mission

Their main purpose is to provide a home for children in distress. This includes children that have been abandoned, children that have been abused and neglected and children that have been infected with the HIV virus. In conjunction with the various welfare organisations, their goal is to ensure the very best long term care for these children and to see them settled in that environment as soon as possible.

One of the kind ladies who work their told me the story of one of the baby’s I was photographing. He was found at around 4 months old, abandoned one morning, in an empty field in Hillbrow, not making a sound, with only an empty stare in his eyes. Which is how it went with him for the next few months. Never making a sound. But with the love and care of this great organization, at 11 months old, he was belly laughing so much the walls would shake. As he did when I as taking his picture, I couldn’t help but get a bit of dust in my eye… See they’re wonderful work here:

Miracle Mission Website

Zoe Skool

They are a remedial (special) school in Heidelberg with the aim to help children with learning disabilities. I didn’t do any photography for them (yet), but I’ve rebuilt their website.

Zoe Skool Website

Heidelberg SPCA

I built, host and run the Heidelberg SPCA website, uploading animals that are available for adoption. I’m absolutely bananas over animals, ask any of my 5 dogs (and yes if they sat on the couch first you need to find a different seat, lets not be morally corrupt). So have a look at the site, there’s a long long list of things volunteers can help with, and like I said, all the animals up for adoption are on the home page, updated daily:

Heidelberg SPCA Website

Border Collie Rescue

Border Collie Rescue is a non-profit organisation which was started in 1997 by dedicated individuals who care for this very special breed. I rebuilt their website for them.

Like I said above I’m crazy about animals, and I own a Border Collie. He’s actually the only dog I’ve ever bought (the other 4, and all the others before them were all strays). Now don’t tell the others, but when it comes to smarts… Well I’m sure you know, so have a look at the site, help if you can, and adopt!

Border Collie Rescue Website

Zandunay's Angels

A non profit organisation – helping those in need, collecting clothes, baby goods, linen, food,furniture etc. If you have any unwanted goods, or want to support their old folks and kids Christmas party, get in touch with them!

I did a shoot for the kids’s Christmas party, and printed all the photos out for them. You won’t see any more brightly lit eyes anywhere else, so be sure to help if you can!

Zandunay’s Angels Facebook

Central Gauteng Mental Health Society

Central Gauteng Mental Health Society (CGMHS) is a non-profit organisation that provides social and statutory work services to children and adults with mental and intellectual disabilities around Gauteng province in general. CGMHS has been in existence since 1919, striving to provide effective and efficient health and welfare services to communities’ of diverse race, gender, ethnicity and age.

I’ve built and run their website for them. Check them out!

Central Gauteng Mental Health Society